Welcome to New York! <3

Finally I´m actually in Vancouver but I haven´t told you about my amazing trip to New York, so first let us talk about how fussy Americans are on an american airport. We arrived in New York after a long 9 hour flight. We were so happy to finally be there but it took about 3 hours for us to get out of the airport. Every single person had to be checked and registered and that just took absolute ages. The next 2 days were so awesome! I could not believe that I was finally in N Y and so did the others. We were about 10 students from Germany and 8 from the Netherlands (and one person from France) and 2 persons who looked after us. We explored so much in these two days! On the first day we started the trip in the beautiful central park. Our tour guide was so nice, she always showed us the places where gossip girl was filmed (exciting for all the girls, boring for the boys :D).

We saw so much more from the city, for example we walked over Brooklyn Bridge (and got the best ice cream in New York on the other side), we went on ,,Top of the Rocks“ (which is a sightseeing terrace on the top of a skyscraper, we had an awesome view on NY), we went on the famous Time Square (just a wasteful of electricity when you ask me) went to the Statue of Liberty by ferry and had dinner on a Hard Rock Cafe.

It was such a cool trip to this great city and I know for sure that one day I will come back.

I´ll show you some photos


Love, Linn <3

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