Love your life <3

The first time I thought that I love my life was here. It´s not that I don´t like my life otherwise in Germany but since I´ve been here I realized how thankful I can be to life in this world. It was always my dream to travel, that was like my live goal since I can think and now I´m starting to live my dream every day when I wake up. I owe this a lot of magnificent people (first of all my family, especially my grandpa and my dad) that support me and stand behind me.

When I am out here with my Canadian friends-who are used to the beauty of the city they are always so surprised when I find something super impressive. And I´m always like „look isn´t it beautiful here it´s so inspiring!“ and they are  like „yeah I´ve seen that a million times before but now that you say it it´s true, I did´t recognized it anymore.“ I don´t think that I can ever come to the point here where I don´t recognize the nature beauty anymore that this city offers.

First of all I am here to study. I am here to learn but not only about this country and it´s culture, primarily I am here to study for my school. Theres no question about it that my english gets more fabulous here every day. (cause your forced to speak/hear and write it, my brains fine with that because it starts to think in english :D)                                            I am here in mathematics precalculus 11 and it challenges me a lot (I´m not a math genius but I got into the habit of studying here everyday after school a little bit for math so I get better and better in it). My host sister takes the same math class as me and when I have a question she can always help me (because she is from china and has already done the stuff we do in math, but not me, it´s all new for me in math and its very challenging to do the class I am not the best in in another language than my mother language). Nevertheless (and I can say that with a true easily conscience) I know I can do it and I know I am getting better in that subject here.

So now I have to study (because we are writing an english test on Tuesday and another one in math on Thursday 😉

See you soon (hopefully not too soon)

Love Linn


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