Getting ready for school

I still can´t believe that I am actually in Canada. I´ve always dreamed of my exchange year and now it really happens!
I´m here now for several days but it already feels like a really long time. Every day I learn something new, I become acquainted with new people and new things and every day I can find something that inspires and impresses me.
This week I´m on the orientation week with lots of other exchange students. Its pretty cool that we have something like this because it is kinda hard to get used to a new country and school on your own. There are so many other exchange students from all over the world. In fact I´ve expected more german students but there are only a few of us (for example many students come from Italy, Columbia, Brasil, Mexico or Asia).
Today was the first time I went to my school (the beautiful Cariboo Highschool <3). Students from the Students Government gave us a guided tour through the school (like the schools in Canada are much bigger than they are in Germany, you can get lost easily so it was good to gain an overview). I really have to say that I love this school (I know its very uncool to say this but you haven´t seen my school yet). The walls in the hallways and the doors to the classrooms are all painted with beautiful pictures made by the students who are in arts class (actually I am <3). And the people in the school are all so friendly and kind to everyone. I also got my schedule today. I could chose the classes and I have to say that this is the best schedule I´ve ever had. There are individual classes you can chose in Canada, there are also very specific once too. Like psychology ore wood work ore stuff like that. So my schedule includes (of corse) Math, PE, French and Englisch but also subjects like Art, Dance, Drama and Choir!
The school will start next week and I can´t wait to get used to the daily live here.

Best Wishes Linn

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