Yesterday my host grandparents arrived from Italy (they came back from Italy and visited some family members there). Lorna (my host daughter) and we picked them up from the airport in the evening. They actually remind me a little bit of my grandparents at home! Like Enio loves soccer (like my grandpa) and Anna sometimes forgets names or switches them up (exactly like my grandma at home). They are both absolutely kind and lovable! I am so happy to call them my family now. Today two exchange students from China also arrived here. They are living downstairs (my room is upstairs near to the kitchen and to the rest of the family) and they´ll go to my school too. I get on very well with them.

Today I went downtown to Vancouver with some friends from Germany (I know it´s not that good to hang out with German people but I had no chance to become acquainted with Canadian students- I will on Tuesday when school starts) Vancouver downtown is absolutely beautiful. We went to a little park near the sea and when you look there to the right you can see a great town with over a million inhabitants and then when you look to the left you see the sea and the Rocky Mountains in the background. Amazing nature is so close to the big city. It´s exactly how you imagine Canada! <3

I´ll show you some pictures :* and thank you very much for reading my block! I´m so happy that so many people already read the posts.

Love, Linn


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  1. Hey, liebe Linn!
    Schön, von dir zu lesen! Ich freue mich, dass es dir gut geht! Genieß die Zeit und die tolle Umgebung! Liebe Grüße, Franzi ?

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