Being an international <3

Hey folks I thought lets speak out for what it means (at least for me) being an international in Canada
Being an international means risking, being brave, taking steps into the unknown
It means living a fantastic dream and never wanting to wake up
Being an international can be overwhelmingly scary
It means leaving everything you know, you grew up with behind
It means knowing your family and friends, people you´ve known your whole life, a million miles away.
On another continent separated by the ocean and 9 hours of time difference
They say you´ll learn about the place you go to but in fact you learn way more about yourself and where you come from
My exchange year gave me the opportunity to be whoever I want to be and completely myself
Trying out new things, learning, exploring, wondering and thinking, getting inspired and growing into someone you admire yourself
There are a million differences between the two countries I live in and its citizens and I love every single one of them
Because these differences make each country special, unique and beautiful
Besides them we are connected through values, freedom, love, peace and a langue I can´t learn enough about
Being an international means growing and learning to appreciate what and who you have in your life
Furthermore it sounds odd but it means appreciating the little things
And the next time my grandpa will give me a ride or my grandma will make me some food or do my laundry, I will be more thankful for it than I ever was
Because it means caring and love
The distance I got to my life at home thought me thankfulness and showed me what I really have there
And that is a loving family. Amazing friends, for which I am the most happy person on earth to call mine
Over the time I spend here, exploring this incredibly beautiful country and its nature, getting to know amazing people which I am so thankful now to call my friends
I can say for the first time that I truly love my life and that I am thankful for it
An exchange year means a lot
An exchange year changes
And I would not take anything to give these experiences away
So if you ever underestimate an exchange student, think about how different our paths are and even though one day we leave and go home, we take a piece of you, of everyone that impacted our life here, in our hearts with us
and how cool is that knowing you´re loved all over the world
<3 <3

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