Hey guys! Feels like I haven’t been posting something for a long time but my sense of time is anyway a mess. It´s been a month now since I´ve left my family at the airport and started my adventure. Time is running here, I can´t believe it!

I am joining the Improv club now. It´s so much fun and I´m good in it even though I´ve never tried that bevor. I do lot´s of things here that I´ve never tried bevor like dancing, acting, drawing in a serious way, making crepes (we did this on Wednesday in my food class) and lot´s of other things. I´m also trying new food here. Last weekend my friends and me went to a Chinese restaurant because my host sisters always wanted to show me a famous Chinese meal called ,,Hot Pot“. It was so good. There are lot´s of vegetables inside the pot and also fish (or meat, depends on which one you order) and it get´s heated up the whole time cause there is a little fire under the pot. We had a lot of fun eating this! 😉img_8384img_8426

Today some friend of mine and me we went to the beach after school. It´s amazing to have this opportunity. We can just go to the beach after school and it takes us not more than half an hour. We watched the beautiful sunset (because tomorrow we can sleep in because we have a day off). I love my life here so much. I am so happy to be here 🙂


Love Linn



So I´ve been in school now for several days and I love it. I really love it to go there. I know  it´s kind of unnatural for a student but everyone here is so nice. All the teachers are very friendly (even if some of them are very demanding but they just love it teach so they are enthusiastic). Some teachers are also really easy going, like my drama teacher, we had so much fun with him today. Maybe I like school that much because of my creative classes. I am so happy that I could have choose art, dance, PE, choir and drama cause it challenges me a lot and it also challenges me in a totally different way to like the normal classes (like french or mathematics). I think subjects like these should be more supported in Germany cause you get more confident in these classes, you learn how to interact with new people and you also learn respect, to be open, maybe to overcome your fear. For students who are still in in the development stage (like I think every student is) it is quite good to have the opportunity to go into classes like this and just explore, find out what you´re good at and what makes you happy. The equipment this school here offers to their students is unbelievable (I mean there is a special drama room with a fully equipped stage, there are also weight training rooms and rooms for wood work, others for metal work,there is an extra dark room for develop photos professionally, two gyms and much more). The students here have the opportunity to get a general overview for what they want to do in their lives.

So lets come my classes  (I think I´ve talked too much about the school system and school in general now :D) So don´t think that I am just like in the „fun“ classes. For example today I had english (I have english in a normal class, so there are also english classes just for internationals but I am in a higher level of english so I am just in a normal class with Canadian students) and we started to analyze poems. So I know this from my school in Germany but it´s fairly hard to find a metaphor or a personification or even just an assonance in english cause for this you have to fully understand the content 😀 but I think  I´ll figure this stuff out 😉

I´ll have some pictures from my school for you later. Thank you for reading my blog! <3

Love, Linn



Yesterday my host grandparents arrived from Italy (they came back from Italy and visited some family members there). Lorna (my host daughter) and we picked them up from the airport in the evening. They actually remind me a little bit of my grandparents at home! Like Enio loves soccer (like my grandpa) and Anna sometimes forgets names or switches them up (exactly like my grandma at home). They are both absolutely kind and lovable! I am so happy to call them my family now. Today two exchange students from China also arrived here. They are living downstairs (my room is upstairs near to the kitchen and to the rest of the family) and they´ll go to my school too. I get on very well with them.

Today I went downtown to Vancouver with some friends from Germany (I know it´s not that good to hang out with German people but I had no chance to become acquainted with Canadian students- I will on Tuesday when school starts) Vancouver downtown is absolutely beautiful. We went to a little park near the sea and when you look there to the right you can see a great town with over a million inhabitants and then when you look to the left you see the sea and the Rocky Mountains in the background. Amazing nature is so close to the big city. It´s exactly how you imagine Canada! <3

I´ll show you some pictures :* and thank you very much for reading my block! I´m so happy that so many people already read the posts.

Love, Linn